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December 2005
Announcing Hursto-Presto Productions

Been a good while since I posted an update. Since my last posting, I've beta tested some shooters, written a series of "how-to-paint" art books, self published a novel, am writing its sequel, and plan to produce some movies.

Phew! Yeah, I've been keeping busy. This is my last post here because 50megs adds have affected the audio in the slideshows hosted here. I've compiled the original 18 episodes into 3 sparate wmv versions that you can see at my new site.

Check it out.


June 2003
Final ISC Theater Centurion Episode Now Showing:

With the final episode done, the oil painting bug has bitten me once again. My new venture is teaching and producing painting projects for those who would like to learn how to paint.

I've started a new painting site: Click Here to check it out.

I had great fun producing the ISC Theater and hope you enjoyed it. Special thanks to Taldren for the hours of fun I and many others had, and continue to have, with their Starfleet Command series. It's been a blast (pun intended)!

Jim Hurst

ISC Theater's Centurions Now Showing:

About the ISC Theater:

The ISC Theater can be best described as an online comic strip movie experience.

The ISC Theater is an experiment in using the power of the web to display a comic strip in the manner of a slideshow, each panel being the same size to give a movie theater experience.

To begin viewing the show, just click Entrance.

The artwork is hand drawn, scanned, colored, and pasted onto various backgrounds. The beautiful starship and space scenes are taken from Taldren's fantastic PC game Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates. The continuous story of ISC Theater is broken down into episodes 1 through 18 that you can view on the web, and/or you can download the episodes compiled into a Trilogy (without all those "to be continues").

If you wish to use an image displayed in the ISC Theater, you may do so, however, only if you provide a link to

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at

Enjoy the show!

Jim Hurst